Now that I’m starting to get used to blogging, I’m enjoying the chance to explore topics that interest me and to solicit comments and feedback from you.

Some years ago, friends and I would meet on Fridays at 11:11 p.m. to sit around a table and brainstorm ideas for a musical. The musical was to be about Joseph Priestley, a Unitarian minister and scientist who discovered oxygen, and we called it The Priestley Discomfort Image Presentation.  The name was patterned after the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The instigator and creative genius behind this musical was “Boomslang” Bongo, aka Vincent Meade, a South Florida attorney who also performs as a folksinger. We met for months to work on this musical and actually performed it several times, once to a standing ovation, probably because no one thought that ragtail bunch could ever produce anything.

I’d love to find a similar group where we would sit around a table, brainstorm ideas, and generally have a good time.  So far, none is forthcoming, so I’m going to rely on this blog.