Now that my latest book, The 90s Club & the Hidden Staircase, is out and available, I have even more reason to tout the triumphs of people 90 years old and older.  The 90s Club members in my book are the protagonists who sniff something rotten at Whisperwood Retirement Village and almost lose their lives as they track the villains.

Since members of my critique group raised eyebrows at someone that age doing anything but dribble Pablum, I continue to blog about people over 90 who are active, alert, and even working. The latest is Marta Eggerth who turns 100 on April 17 and is quite “bemused at having survived so long with all her faculties intact,” according to Anne Midgette in The Washington Post.

Here’s another item, this time an obituary of Raymond Aubrac, who died April 10 at age 97. After his wife died in 2007 at age 94, he devoted himself increasingly to speaking to schoolchildren about World War II. Aubrac was a French Resistance leader who escaped Gestapo torturers, including the infamous Klaus Barbie, with help from his pregnant wife. She told Barbie that she was Mr. Aubrac’s unwed lover and pretending to be desperate, she begged Barbie to allow her to marry Aubrac before his execution so their baby would not be illegitimate. He refused, but she bribed another Nazi official who agreed to the wedding. Meanwhile, she had arranged for the truck carrying him back to prison after the wedding to be ambushed by the Resistance. During the ambush, Aubrac and more than a dozen prisoners escaped and several Gestapo officers were killed. What a story!

Speaking of retirement villages, my husband Rog and I had dinner last night with friends at Riderwood Retirement Village in Silver Spring. I had beef tenderloin with onion rings and Rog had roast duck with plum sauce. That’s the kind of dinner the residents get every evening. At home, I’d probably fix up a quick macaroni and cheese or maybe tuna fish casserole. Just saying.