Just came back from a family reunion in New Hampshire. These get-togethers are always fun but one outstanding family event was an impromptu band concert featuring my brothers, my nephews, and one great-nephew—all of them Haaviks. Most of them play in local bands and orchestras in their home communities.

Our branch of the Haaviks focuses on the arts. I have a niece who has a ph.D. in art history, another niece who is an English teacher and budding writer, and a nephew who not only sings, acts, and plays the ukelele and guitar,

he is also a linguist. I use my maiden name, Haavik, as an author because it pays tribute as well as adds a connecion to this huge reservoir of talent.

My nephew Alec Haavik plays the saxophone in his musical quartets and has become a notable personality in Shanghai, China, where he lives with his wife and two children. His music fuses Chinese traditional music and jazz. He was featured on Lonely Planet TV’s Six Degrees series several years ago,. You can find out more about Alec and buy his CDs through his website, alechaavik.com.

Alec’s wife, Trina Lion, specializes in traditional Chinese medicine and is a lecturer and author based in Shanghai, China. Her TCM work has been featured on ICS-Shanghai TV, Shanghai Family magazine (cover story), and Yale University’s website. She has lectured on TCM at Johns Hopkins University, Shanghai JiaoTong University, L’Óreal China, and other institutions. Trina works with individuals, couples, and families at Shanghai Humanity Hospital. Her book, Finding Health: Traditional Chinese Medicine Basics, is available on Amazon.com.

Trina’s father, John R Lion, is a Baltimore psychiatrist who has written a novel called Screen Prey, a thriller about detectives recruited to hunt down child pornographers. It’s an exciting read that lead me into researching the subject on the Internet and being shocked and appalled to find a number of sites promoting man-boy sexual liaisons. The predators are out there.

My father came from Norway and my mother’s parents from Sweden. We did not have a huge family network here in the U.S. when I was growing up, so I am pleased to now be a part of the growing Haavik family network