Last Saturday I was one of 12 mystery authors on the program at the Sisters in Crime chapter program in the Columbia, MD, public library. Sisters in Crime is an association of mystery writers and fans. Each of us presented a 4 ½ minute report on our latest books. Afterwards, we sat at tables to sign our books.

My latest book, The 90s Club & the Secret of the Old Clock, will be on sale by December 1, but I didn’t receive advance copies in time for the program. Still, I had a copy of the cover and could talk about it. The other two books in the series were on sale there.Clock cover final small

My mysteries involve Nancy Dickenson and the 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village, which like most upscale retirement places, resembles a cruise ship or luxury resort.

I think these places are better than spooky Victorian mansions for mischief, murder, and mayhem. My amateur detectives are all able, alert and active 90-year-olds. In fact, I keep a collection of articles about 90—and 100-year-olds running marathons, sky diving, climbing mountains, dancing and doing whatever they want to do.

The Sisters in Crime events are always enjoyable and give us an opportunity to chat with our readers. Many say they find my 90s Club series inspiring. Some pass them on to their mother or aunt who’s in her 90s or who lives in a retirement place. “They’ll love it,” they say.

The idea for The 90s Club & the Secret of the Old Clock came from a seminar on how the elderly are targets for scam operators. I imagined a boiler room operation with phones and computers in an apartment at Whisperwood. What better place could there be to run scams on the elderly? Of course, Nancy is also asked to ferret out the secret of a neighbor’s antique clock and then her new friend Betts is murdered. Nancy and the 90s Club seek the con men and the killer, but this time, the killer swears, Nancy will not escape.

The Chesapeake Chapter will repeat the program at the Reston, VA, Public Library on December 5, 1 p.m.