The 90s Club & the Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Dickenson and the 90s Club launch a campaign to outwit scammers targeting the residents of Whisperwood Retirement Village in the latest 90s Club mystery, The 90s Club & the Secret of the Old Clock. Third book in the series, it is now available as a print or e-book on and as an e-book at

Like the other 90s Club books, the title is taken from the Nancy Drew series and sly references to the Nancy Drew books are buried in the story. I challenge readers to find them.

In the latest mystery, 90s Club leader Nancy Dickenson is asked to ferret out the secret in an antique clock, but as she seeks its secret she and the 90s Club discover swindlers are targeting and defrauding the residents of Whisperwood Retirement Village.

The scams are online, but the swindlers know too much to be strangers. Did they shoot and kill Nancy’s new friend Betts? Nancy and the 90s Club pursue the killer and the con men, but the killer is no fool and attacks first. This time, the killer swears, Nancy will not escape.

Inspiration for the series came from watching a slim, attractive woman swimming laps in a pool. Then I found out she was 91 years old! 91! She became my model for what it means to be 90. Since then, I ‘ve collected articles about people in their 90s—and 100s—who are running marathons, racing canoes, working, and doing just about anything they want to do.

The setting is Whisperwood Retirement Village, which like most upscale retirement complexes, is like a cruise ship or luxury resort. No one would call it “an old folks’ home.” These places feature gourmet meals every night, classrooms and college classes, pool, gym, arts and crafts rooms, pub, library, and pleasant apartments. They are better than Victorian mansions for criminal possibilities.