In the spirit of giving this season, I thought I would help writers with a block on what to write, a few ideas.

What if? My husband and I watched a NOVA show last night called, “Decoding Neanderthals.” I was interested because I’ve often wondered if Neanderthals could have survived to live among us humans, even perhaps intermarrying with humans. Maybe someone I meet on the street is actually a Neanderthal who is able to “pass.” Maybe that’s what

Romeo and Juliet was really all about. Maybe couples who can’t have children are actually of two different species, one human and one Neanderthal.

Now don’t get upset. Read on.

According to the scientists interviewed, their research shows that all of us have some bit of Neanderthal DNA in our genetic make-up. The people in Tuscany, Italy, tend to have the most while the people in China have the least. This obviously indicates that Neanderthals and humans did interbreed and were able to produce children, so we’re not as different as we thought. On the plus side, the scientists suggest that the Neanderthals who lived in much harsher circumstances than the humans may have passed on resistance to some diseases.

So I guess they weren’t so bad, after all.