Foreign Rights: If you write non-fiction, consider sending your book to the Frankfurt International Book Show in Germany. Selling rights to translate and publish your book by a publisher in another country costs very little but can net you big profits. As a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, we have participated in their cooperative exhibit at the Frankfurt Show and sold rights to our books to publishers in Germany, Korea, Thailand, Serbia, Croatia, Brazil, and others. Cost per book is $185. IBPA’s deadline is August 31. I specify non-fiction because unless your novel is a huge bestseller, other publishers are not going to take it on. IBPA is well-known at Frankfurt and its impressive exhibit displays books face out.

IBPA also offers other cooperative marketing services as well as workshops, seminars, and their annual conference, Publishers University. Check it out.

State Associations: I am the new president of the Maryland Writers Association, and we have an excellent, hard-working and committed board. Like other writing associations,

MWA offers educational programs, cooperative marketing opportunities, networking and other ways to connect, learn from, and share with other writers.

Coming up in Maryland: Baltimore Book Fest, Sept. 23 – 25, 2016. MWA members may sign up in shifts to staff the booth and sell their books.

What’s your state writers’ association doing?

The Blog Scene:
Well-known bloggers Dru Ann Love,, and blogcardsKristofer Zgorski,, talked about their work online and about their writing opportunities in other publications at the monthly meeting of the Chesapeake Chapter, Sisters in Crime. Dru’s blog focuses on cozy mysteries and features “Day in the Life of” blogs contributed by authors who describe a day in the life of their character. Kris likes domestic suspense and thrillers.

susabellaThe Susabella Passengers and Friends, is a series book magazine that is a “Nostalgia Publication for Collectors and Readers Dedicated to the History and Preservation of All Children’s and Juvenile Series Books.” I’m featured in the July 2016 issue because my 90s Club cozy mysteries character is Nancy Dickenson who is modeled on what I think Nancy Drew might be like at 90. Able, alert, and active, for sure. Lindsay Stroh, who wrote the article, is the daughter of Margaret Sutton, author of the Judy Bolton series. This is a delightful magazine, especially if you read Judy Bolton, Nancy Drew, Ginny Gordon, and so many others when you were a kid. The name is derived from the yacht in the Beverly Gray Mystery Series. The magazine is published six times a year and a one-year subscription is $24 (USA).

In Rembrandt’s Shadow:
This sequel to Shadow of the Rock goes on sale at Amazon on Oct. 15. Alternate stories trace the provenance of a Rembrandt painting through the centuries and Sara and Josh’s present-day struggle to CoverFinalMD-InRembrandtsShadow 2outwit the thieves, find the painting’s rightful owner and deliver the painting as they resolve their own relationship.