Bouchercon is coming up! This year it will be held in New Orleans from Sept. 15-18. Bouchercon is held annually in honor of Anthony Boucher, mystery fiction critic, editor, and author. This “World Mystery Convention” is produced by a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization and calls itself “the world’s premier event bringing together all parts of the mystery and crime fiction community. It is commonly referred to as Bouchercon [bough’·chur·con].

I attended when it was held in Baltimore some years back and found it an exciting place to meet other mystery authors and fans. It is well worth the

price of admission and, hey, New Orleans isn’t a bad place to be either. Find out more at

Another important mystery convention to put on the calendar—especially for fans of cozy or traditional mysteries–is Malice Domestic, held every May in Bethesda, Maryland. Check out its website too,

Lamb, the Movie

Last week I suggested a movie called Lamb that my friends who had lived three years in Ethiopia, recommended. In checking Netflix and Red Box, I find that two other films with the same title are available, including one produced the same year, 2015.

Don’t be misled. My friends had seen this Lamb on an Ethiopian Airlines flight and were charmed. It’s about an Ethiopian boy who moves in with distant relatives taking his pet sheep with him. The upcoming holidays spell danger for his beloved friend who has provided solace for the boy amid the upheavals at home.

It’s the first Ethiopian film ever to have made it as an official selection in to the Cannes Film Festival and it caused quite a stir in 2015. Reviews have also been positive.

Like Word Puzzles?

Millie Mack, author of the Faraday mysteries.
Millie Mack, author of the Faraday mysteries.
Check out Millie Mack’s blog at She posts word search and Millie Mack, author of the Faraday mysteries.[/caption]crossword puzzles with a mystery theme. Millie Mack is the author of the enjoyable Faraday mystery series featuring Charles and Carrie Faraday, a couple reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles.