We spent Saturday clearing our brains by canoeing on the beautiful Pokemoke River on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve done the trip before, always using the Pokemoke River Outfitters in Snow Hill, MD because they are organized, reliable and pleasant. The place even has an inside rest room instead of a Jiffy John, so you can properly prepare forCanoeing the Pokomoke-1 the journey. The stretch of the Pokemoke we canoed is narrow, winding and wooded on both sides. Only towards the end of the trip did we encounter the wider river subject to breezes and a little harder paddling. This is the kind of thing that rates as four star with me.

Our paddle-mates brought along a woman from Ethiopia who had never been in a canoe before and was terrified. But she seemed to enjoy it. No crocodiles on the Pokemoke.

So back to the real world. As president of the Maryland Writers’ Association, I’ve been looking at the list of writers’ conferences in the Maryland-Washington-Pennsylvania areas.

We’ve scheduled the MWA Conference for March 25, 2017 and we’re planning an excellent day for the participants. Writers are prolific in the Mid-Atlantic area, I guess.

I just heard from Dru Ann Love of Drusbookmusing.com that my blog, “A Day in the Life of Nancy Dickenson” will be posted on her site on September 20. Dru Ann loves cozy mysteries and she often features cozy mystery authors and runs the “Day in the Life of” featured blog where an author describes a day in the life of her character. Dru Ann is an avid reader, writes poetry, quilts and loves attending mystery fan conventions with readers and authors. My blog will feature my character Nancy Dickenson of the 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village.