I hear that the book 1984 is selling extremely well. No wonder. The current dismal political situation is making many of us see the parallels in 1984 and in Hitler’s Germany.

To paraphrase Mel Brooks, ridiculing the despots and satirizing their actions is a powerful way to deal with bigots, misogynists, bullies, and tyrants. I look forward to the books, plays, and movies that will come out of this current fascist administration. And if you’re writing, filming or directing such a work, I salute you.

Last year I attended our county’s Citizens Police Academy, and I have spoken proudly of our local county police force and its professionalism. I would hate to see them corrupted into becoming like the KGB or the Gestapo in carrying out the current administration’s orders against immigrants and Muslims. Who will be targeted next? You?

My grandparents were immigrants from Sweden. They lived in terror of the KKK just as much as the African Americans. The KKK is made up of bad people, cruel people. Criminals. There is no excuse for racism. It must not be tolerated in America.

I support the use of social media to resist and fight the irresponsible and cruel misuse of power undertaken by the current administration. And I’ve joined Daily Action, a calling system to harness the energy of sensible, kind, and compassionate people nationwide.

This president has just signed an executive order to slash all regulations. I hope this insanity can be stopped because it almost guarantees unacceptable pollution of streams, rivers, and bays; polluted air; bad, adulterated, or questionable food and drugs; and widespread environmental disasters. We are not a third world country. Let’s not act like one.

He promises to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Can any of us be that cruel and selfish that we would deny health care to so many Americans? Of course he and all the senators and representatives are guaranteed health care. They won’t suffer.

He wants to bring back the backroom butchers by outlawing abortions. The right to legal and safe abortions is a health issue, not a political or religious one. For some women carrying a fetus to term will mean death or disability. When abortions were illegal, desperate women were found dead in motel rooms or deposited on hospital lawns by backroom butchers who botched the job. The right to have an abortion must not continue to be a pawn in a despicable political game.

I’m calling for a kind, just, and compassionate America. I know most Americans are with me.
Eileen Haavik McIntire