I am the author of historical adventure and cozy mystery novels. The first, Shadow of the Rock, was called “a riveting tale of time and humanity, highly recommended,” by the Midwest Book Review. A Florida native, I have long been interested in Florida history, so when I read an item about the grandmother of Florida’s first senator being captured by Barbary pirates and sold to the vizier of Morocco, I wanted to learn more. I searched libraries, wrote to historians, traveled throughout Florida, St. Thomas, Gibraltar and Morocco to put together the information I needed to write this exciting page-turner told in parallel stories, one present day and one set in 18th century Morocco.

My cozy mystery series features the 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village. The first, The 90s Club & the Hidden Staircase was called “a must” for readers of cozy mysteries by the Midwest Book Review. Using 90-year-olds as protagonists sprang from meeting a slim, attractive, active swimmer at a pool party and learning later that she was 91. Since then I’ve been collecting articles about people in their 90s and beyond who are active, alert, working, and achieving.

My husband, Roger McIntire, and I own and manage Summitt Crossroads Press and its website, ParentSuccess.com, providing tips, resources, and a bookstore for parents. The books we published are translated into eight different languages around the world. Rog is a well-known author, columnist, and speaker on parenting topics. His latest book, Raising Your Teenagers, will be published later this year.

Although I started out after college (naturally I was an English major) in a steady and secure government job, I left it after seven years to live on a boat for three years, and that has made all the difference.

By the way, that fish I’m holding up so proudly is a piranha, caught on the Amazon.

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