Court of Impossible Problems

Victims of domestic violence

A friend of mine once called a man who was stalking and threatening her daughter and told him that she was going to New York to hire a hit man to kill him. He said, “You won’t do that. They’ll put you in jail.” She said, “That’s right, but first you will be dead.” They never heard from him again.

With so many women and men being murdered by violent spouses despite restraining orders and other apparently ineffective legal means, I’m looking for deterrents against such abusers that would be effective. What works when the legal system doesn’t? Ideas anyone?


Impossible Neighbors

We have a friend who bought a townhouse next to people who blast their music at all hours of the day and night, throw garbage in her yard, and are otherwise obnoxious. All attempts to appeal to their neighborliness or good sense have failed. The police have been called many times but do nothing. She hesitates to sell in this market. Suggestions?

Court of Impossible Problems: 2/21/2010

Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith, Sir Joshua Reynolds and others met at the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker and that bunch met at the Algonquin.  Azimov’s Black Widowers met wherever Henry was. And Joseph Priestley had his Lunar Ticks. I’m forming a small group to meet at a quiet pub to brainstorm solutions to impossible problems.

The first submission is the problem of ethical heating. Do you have an impossible problem? Let me know. I will post reports of the meetings.

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