The 90s Club mystery series by Eileen Haavik McIntire

The 90s Club & the Hidden Staircase,
Beneath Whisperwood’s luxurious lifestyle bubbles a simmering brew of thefts, murders, and exploitation. Whisperwood’s 90s Club piles up clues like tricks in a bridge game to uncover the culprits—and almost lose their lives. Club leader is Nancy Dickenson, drawn from a 91-year-old woman I saw swimming laps at a pool party.  Except for the evil underfoot, the mystery accurately portrays life in an upscale retirement community while spoofing stereotypes about the elderly. The characters play off each other, and the dialogue is often humorous. The plot turns upon subtle possibilities for exploiting the elderly, often the targets of scam artists. The villains in this novel, however, walk, talk, and play with their victims.
“A must” for cozy mystery readers. (Midwest Book Review).

The 90s Club & the Whispering Statue
Nancy Dickenson and the 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village head south to Fort Lauderdale to rescue one friend and find another. Four attempts to murder Nancy’s long-time confidant Peter Stamboul have failed, but in the placid lifestyle of his retirement condo, who would want to kill Peter and why? Adventurous young Jessica Cantwell took a job as crew on a boat, but when the captain is murdered, she disappears and becomes a “person of interest.” Once again, murder and mayhem stalk Nancy and fellow 90s Club members Louise and George as they race to save Peter and Jessica’s lives and, ultimately their own.
“A fun read…nostalgia and…social commentary, wrapped up in an engaging mystery novel.” (Foreword Reviews).

The 90s Club & the Secret of the Old Clock

The antique clock keeps ticking, but what does it hide? Nancy seeks its secret as she and the 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village discover swindlers are targeting and defrauding the residents. The scams are online, but the swindlers know too much to be strangers. Did they shoot and kill Nancy’s new friend Betts? Nancy and the 90s Club pursue the killer and the con men, but the killer is no fool and attacks first. This time, the killer swears, Nancy will not escape.

Also by Eileen Haavik McIntire
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Sara Miller travels from Florida to Gibraltar searching for her grandmother’s brother lost in the Holocaust. Along the way, she discovers the hidden truth about her family’s past and learns the story of her ancestor, Rachel Levy, captured by Barbary pirates 200 years before.
“A riveting story of time and humanity, highly recommended>” (Midwest Book Review).
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