Act Your Age: Ammunition for Active Aging

Act Your Age: Ammunition for Active Aging

My 90s Club cozy mystery series features able. alert, and active people in their 90s who live at Whisperwood Retirement Village. The inspiration for the series came from meeting a woman years ago at a pool party. She was slim, attractive, the only one in the pool, and she was swimming laps. She was 91 years old. 91! I hadn’t realized until recently that, from that moment, she became my role model for someone in their 90s. That’s what I visualize and expect. That is the possibility.

When the writers in my critique group read the draft chapters for the series, they objected to the idea that a 91-year-old could do anything but sit in a wheelchair dribbling Pablum. My characters were Continue reading “Act Your Age: Ammunition for Active Aging”


Never Too Old

I’m on the cutting edge with my 90s Club mystery series. My 90-year-olds are able, alert, and active, and more and more medical studies are showing that old age isn’t what sinks you into decrepitude. No matter what your age, here’s what will do the job: Diabetes, obesity, no exercise, poor diet, hypertension, stress, and depression.

I spent yesterday morning at a 90-minute workshop given by Dr. Majid Fotuhi, MD, PhD, author of Boost Your Brain: The New Art and Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance. In a fast-paced workshop, Dr. Fotuhi described Continue reading “Never Too Old”

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