Irving Johnson (1905-1991) spent his life as a sailor, author, lecturer, adventurer and sail training pioneer. His 25-minute video/DVD, Around Cape Horn, is a classic film of a sailing adventure, but I call it a career planning study as well. Here’s why: 

  • First, Johnson was focused. He wanted to sail large ships around the world.
  • Second, he studied what he wanted to do, determined the skills he would need and developed a plan for acquiring those skills.
  • Third, he carried out his plan.

He would need to know how to climb swaying masts, so he practiced climbing a rickety telephone pole near his home. He would need to defend himself in rough ports, so he took boxing lessons. He became a merchant marine and then, because he wanted to learn how to sail in rough seas, he signed on as a sailor on a brigantine freighter going around the cape—and he filmed the adventure.  The film is available from Mystic Seaport, CT,, and other vendors.