The Life Changers

The Life-Changers

They say opportunity knocks only once, and it seems to me that a lot of people are stone deaf. I am talking about the opportunities for career success and enriched life offered by organizations in the community. How can these opportunities be ignored? Yet low enrollments cause cancellations of many excellent classes–classes that could change a life.

Helaine Jeffrey’s class called “Face to Face: Present Your Best You!” is one life-changer. Talking loud to control nervousness and using pauses for emphasis are tips I picked up Continue reading “The Life Changers”


Sails on career planning

Irving Johnson (1905-1991) spent his life as a sailor, author, lecturer, adventurer and sail training pioneer. His 25-minute video/DVD, Around Cape Horn, is a classic film of a sailing adventure, but I call it a career planning study as well. Here’s why: 

  • First, Johnson was focused. He wanted to sail large ships around the world.
  • Second, he studied what he wanted to do, determined the skills he would need and developed a plan for acquiring those skills.
  • Third, he carried out his plan.

He would need to know how to climb swaying masts, so he practiced climbing a rickety telephone pole near his home. He would need to defend himself in rough ports, so he took boxing lessons. He became a merchant marine and then, because he wanted to learn how to sail in rough seas, he signed on as a sailor on a brigantine freighter going around the cape—and he filmed the adventure.  The film is available from Mystic Seaport, CT,, and other vendors.

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