NEWS NOTES: July 25, 2016

More About Foreign Rights

Last week I wrote about the Independent Book Publishers Association’s coop exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Bob Erdmann, an independent consultant, offers another possibility. He produces an annual catalog that he sends out to foreign publishers and agents worldwide. It will also be posted on his website for a full year in September.
Let him know if you’d like to be included for 2017 and he’ll email the registration forms. Deadline is July 31. Participation fee for this program is $195 per title. He will receive a 15% commission on the royalty advance for any sales that he makes or 20% commission if one of his foreign agents is involved. For more information, go to
Bob Erdmann, President
Columbine Communications & Publications
1116 Oakmont Drive, Suite 6
Walnut Creek, California USA 94595
Ph: 925/274-1348
Web Site:

Ethiopia for Real

Several years ago I spent two weeks in Ethiopia, a fascinating country steeped in history. Its first king, Menelik I, is said to be the child of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Every king since then is supposedly a direct descendant. According to legend, the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in a tomb in Ethiopia. Continue reading “NEWS NOTES: July 25, 2016”


An African Affair

An African Affair

I just finished reading An African Affair, a novel by Nina Darnton, wo is a former staff writer for Newsweek and a former frequent contributor for the New York Times. The book draws on her experience of five years living in Africa in the 1970s, including imprisonment in Nigeria with her two small children. The New York Times called the book, “A vivid portrait of a troubled country.”

In the novel, New York journalist Lindsay Cameron finds corruption, drug smuggling, and rampant human rights abuses as she covers the regime of Nigeria’s President Michael Olumide. In the aftermath of two Continue reading “An African Affair”

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