When so many people die in your community because of AIDS and wood for coffins becomes scare, you find a substitute.  Dearth of coffins is not the only devastating consequence of AIDS in African countries. Orphans and child-led families as well as pervasive hunger, poverty and system deprivation are others.   The Nyaka AIDS Orphans School, Uganda, initiated by the community for the community, provides quality, free education and extracurricular activities to children who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

 Uganda’s AIDS epidemic has resulted in 2.2 million children who have lost one or both parents, out of a population of just over 30 million. Due to a lack of government-subsidized education, extended families and orphanages face an enormous financial barrier to educating Uganda’s children. This story is repeated in many other African countries.

Visit www.Nyakaschool.org to find out how you can help.