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Never Too Old

I’m on the cutting edge with my 90s Club mystery series. My 90-year-olds are able, alert, and active, and more and more medical studies are showing that old age isn’t what sinks you into decrepitude. No matter what your age, here’s what will do the job: Diabetes, obesity, no exercise, poor diet, hypertension, stress, and depression.

I spent yesterday morning at a 90-minute workshop given by Dr. Majid Fotuhi, MD, PhD, author of Boost Your Brain: The New Art and Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance. In a fast-paced workshop, Dr. Fotuhi described Continue reading “Never Too Old”


Rosa Rio at the keyboard at 107

The last of the original silent movie organists, Rosa Rio died on May 13, 2010, at age 107 just three weeks shy of her 108th birthday. The week before her death, she was still practicing at home on her nine-foot concert grand piano. And just nine months before her death, she was playing in Tampa for a screening of Buster Keaton’s silent film, “One Week.”   Her show business career spanned 97 years, beginning in 1912 when she gave her first professional performance, continuing through the silent movies, radio, and on into composing and performiang soundtracks for almost 400 silent films when they were were formatted for videocassette. In 1993 she moved to Florida where she provided live musical accompaniment to silent films at the historical Tampa Theater.

                                    –Washington Post, May 15, 2010

Ernest Borgnine still working

Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine is 93 and is a regular on SpongeBob SquarePants.  He’s also in at least four new movies. From Parade Magzine’s Personality Parade, April 4, 2010.

Phyllis Diller, 92

According to Parade magazine, March 28, 2010, Phylis Diller is 92 and now spends her time painting.

Bat Mitzvah for 94-year-old

From the Washington Post, Feb. 28, 2010, 94-year-old Esther Isralow completed 18 months of study that culminated in a b’nai mitzvah–a collective ceeremony for bat and bar mitzvahs.  Congratulations, Esther!

Hello world!

I’m just beginning to blog, but I’ve worked as a writer, editor or publisher for most of my career. Latest interest because I’ve been writing a mystery novel set in a retirement village, is countering the negative stereotypes I’ve encountered as a result. Many people confuse “retirement village” with “old folks’ home” or even more odious, “nursing home.” A retirement village, especially the one in my novel, is more like a cruise ship and a lot more fun than living alone and “independently” in your own home.

 And people in their 90s and 100s are not necessarily drooling vegetables. I’ve been collecting news items about older people.  Several are below. I’d welcome your comments and examples.

At age 92 in 2008, Daniel Schorr still regularly covered the news for NPR.

Well-known writer of gothic suspense romances, Phyllis A. Whitney was 94 when her last romance novel, Amethyst Dreams, came off press in 1997. She died in February, 2008, at age 104.

Fay G. Wells, aircraft pilot and journalist, landed a small plane at Elizabeth, NJ, on her 92nd birthday. Shortly before she died in 2002 at age 94 in Fairfax, VA, she addressed an audience at a ceremony in which she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from American Women in Radio and Television. She received a standing ovation.

Polly Lauder Tunney

Polly Tunney inherited the Carnegie Steel fortune and married heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney. She was an accomplished horsewoman, sailor and swimmer and drove a car until she was 93. She died in Stamford, CT., April, 2008, at age 100.

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