NEWS NOTES: July 18, 2016

Foreign Rights: If you write non-fiction, consider sending your book to the Frankfurt International Book Show in Germany. Selling rights to translate and publish your book by a publisher in another country costs very little but can net you big profits. As a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, we have participated in their cooperative exhibit at the Frankfurt Show and sold rights to our books to publishers in Germany, Korea, Thailand, Serbia, Croatia, Brazil, and others. Cost per book is $185. IBPA’s deadline is August 31. I specify non-fiction because unless your novel is a huge bestseller, other publishers are not going to take it on. IBPA is well-known at Frankfurt and its impressive exhibit displays books face out.

IBPA also offers other cooperative marketing services as well as workshops, seminars, and their annual conference, Publishers University. Check it out.

State Associations: I am the new president of the Maryland Writers Association, and we have an excellent, hard-working and committed board. Like other writing associations, Continue reading “NEWS NOTES: July 18, 2016”


The Devil is in the Details

My fourth novel is a sequel to Shadow of the Rock, an historical adventure, and like Shadow, it involves two parallel stories. In the sequel, one story begins in the Spanish Netherlands in 1616; the other in Gibraltar in 1999.

With Shadow of the Rock, one story took place in 1780s Morocco; the other began in 1998 West Virginia. Researching 1780s Morocco was difficult, but I found two eyewitness accounts, both published around 1792, that provided a wealth of detail about life then. I also toured Morocco for a sense of the tastes, colors, and scenes.

Now I’m wallowing in a deep and messy quagmire researching the sequel. What would my characters wear in 1616? What would they eat? What were their homes like? Their furniture? Their daily lives? Continue reading “The Devil is in the Details”

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