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11-23-2016 Defending Self-Publishing

My husband, Dr. Roger McIntire, and I started our own publishing company 20-some years ago. He writes practical books for parents and his books have been published by mainstream publishers, but he got tired of their mediocre marketing efforts and decided he’d rather publish his books himself and retain control.

Fortunately, I’ve been in the writing and publishing business most of my professional life, so I had skills that complemented his in establishing our small press. I also joined the Independent Book Publishing Association, which provides invaluable expertise, information, education and marketing opportunities. Our books have received excellent reviews, won the approval of the Parents’ Choice Foundation, and been translated and published in eight other countries.

In the last five years, we developed the imprint, Amanita Books, to publish my fiction, which now numbers five novels. My novels also receive excellent reviews.

Still, when we discuss our books, we feel the stigma of being self-published, and no matter how good my reviews are or how much people say they enjoy my books, I cannot participate as an author or presenter at the Malice Domestic Conference. Continue reading “11-23-2016 Defending Self-Publishing”


9/26/2016 – More from the Police Academy; Baltimore Book Fest

So far I am impressed at the professionalism of the police teaching our class at the Citizens Police Academy in Howard County, Maryland. It makes me want to revisit my mystery novels and redo the police investigations parts. We pick up so much from our own experience and television shows that we tend to make assumptions that may not be true.

Reminds me of a scene in my latest novel, In Rembrandt’s Shadow, where I blithely have a character in 1616’s Antwerp lighting a match. Stop. Matches weren’t invented until much, much later. CoverFinalMD-InRembrandtsShadow 2Someone had to point that out to me. I changed that to a tinder box. In another scene, I had a character stepping out of a house in early 17th century Paris and stepping onto a sidewalk. Most likely, he stepped out onto the road.

So I’m in the Police Academy class soaking up the details. Last week, the subject was the Columbia Mall shootings of January, 2014. Fortunately, the police had already studied the Columbia Mall and conducted training sessions there, noting exits, entrances, hallways, and basement areas. They had already developed strategies for dealing with such an event there. In fact, our local police will come to any Continue reading “9/26/2016 – More from the Police Academy; Baltimore Book Fest”

Selling Books Successfully at Festivals

The weather was warm and sunny and the crowds relaxed and interested at the annual Kensington (MD) Festival of the Book on Sunday. We were busy at our booth all day. At my booth, I displayed my 90’s Club mystery novels, author Millie Mack displayed her Faraday mystery novels, and my husband Roger McIntire displayed his practical books for parents.

Selling at a book fair is not easy. Most passersby will do just that. Pass by. You have to stand out front, establish eye contact, and ask them, “Can I tell you about my books?” Most

Millie Mack, author of the Faraday mysteries.
Millie Mack, author of the Faraday mysteries.
people will say, “Okay.”

All three of us at our booth were generous to the others. After describing our books and answering questions, we directed the visitor Continue reading “Selling Books Successfully at Festivals”

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